Machine Design Philosophy

  Engineering design is the culmination of an engineering education. Without design, industry would have no new or improved products, basic information resulting from research would not be put to the use of man, and progress would halt. Engineering design is found in all professions and specialties - medicine, chemistry, architecture, and so on. Design is a dynamic field and includes various types of designers. In industry one finds product designers, appearance designers, apparatus designers, industrial designers, machine designers, system designers, tool designers, electrical circuit designers, structural designers, creative designers, and others. 
  Engineering is the art and science by which the properties of matter and the sources of power in nature are made useful in structure, machines and fabricated parts.

  A machine is combination of resistant parts so arranged as to cause forces of nature to produce definite work with constrained motion. To design is to contrive, fashion, or invent according to a plan.


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