Line Shaft

1. A line shaft runs at 360 rpm. An 18" pulley on the shaft is belt connected to a 12" pulley on the counter shaft. From a 15" pulley on the counter shaft, motion is transmitted to the machine. Compute the required diameter of the pulley on the machine to give a spindle speed of 660 rpm.

a. D1N1 = N2D2
    D1 = line shaft pulley diameter
    N1 = line shaft rpm
    D2 = counter shaft pulley #1 diameter
    N2 = counter shaft rpm

   18(360) = 12N2
   N2 = 540 rpm

b. D3N3 = D4N4
    D3 = counter shaft pulley #2 diameter
    N2 = N3 = counter shaft rpm
    D4 = machine pulley diameter
    N4 = machine rpm

   15(540) = D4(660)
   D4 = 12.27 inches            answer 


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